Product Shooting Tent

Product Shooting TentWhen the product is called the shooting tent that comes to mind is a cube polyester fabric. Non-self system having a light structure, some disadvantages of this fabric,

General to be disposable, because the fabric is contaminated quickly.
As the light system also requires that self-light system.
It is difficult to catch the stability of the light system.
It is impossible to ensure the professional recording environment for amateur users.
Today, photography is very fast and the series has become a job to be done. Therefore, a separate tent classic product shots every part of the system do not meet customer expectations.

Fotobox Pro’s Pros by Classic Product Shooting Tent

Self has a LED lighting system. You’ll get the same light and therefore the image in each shooting
It can be cleaned inside are made from solid materials such as plastic.
Because of the structure is much more long-lasting.
Download self-funding system
You can use different shooting methods that can be disassembled.



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