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Adobe Photoshop users know Magic Wand Tool well. Choosing products, changing colours or making trasnparent background is easy with F32 Plus.

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Technicial Specifications

Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height inc)
Inner: 12,5×10,6×10,6
Outer: 16,5×12,5×12,5
Package: 17,7×17,7×17,7

Package Weight : 5 Pound
Lighting: LED
Background: LED
Accessories: Spare front cover
Warranty:1 Year
Cleaning: Cleanable, detergent available.


For Fotobox Pro F32 Plus we improve the front cover so you can not see anything else except camera lenses. F32 Plus comes with a special front cover for use macro photography like ring,gold,silver.

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Especially like jewelry products is not possible to exactly pass a light into the background. Most important thing is bright background, when shooting products.


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Inquiry Fotobox Pro F32 Plus

How do I shoot with a 100% white background?

As you know, 10-100 decibels and cleaning is a normal number. However, when this number is 1000, it is not possible to get out of it. With the Fotobox Pro F32 Plus specially developed for such problems, you can use your photos directly if you provide the necessary white balance from the interface of your camera, your phone, or the camera control program. P>

We are happy to help you in this matter. P>

If I buy the F32 Plus, do I need to use a separate light for taking pictures?

Absolutely not. With Fotobox Pro F32 Plus, Right and Left LED panel, your products are illuminated homogeneously. With the Background Lighter feature it also allows you to get 100% white-backed photos. P>

Do product lights or other parts get damaged?

Fotobox Pro products are 100% Turkish. You will not have spare parts and warranty problems. Our products’ LED lighting modules last 35,000 hours. P>

Can I shoot with my mobile phone?

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Normally, Fotobox Pro products are developed according to professional machines. But thanks to advancing technology, the cameras of smartphones are performing very well. P>

Especially with your Samsung S7 or higher segment phone, Fotobox Pro F32 Plus can be a good pair. You can get great pictures with the “pro” menu settings from the phone’s photo capture application. P>




Do my products bright, reflect or glow?

The Fotobox Pro F32 Plus is completely homogenous. You will not find a screw, frame or joint trace in any way. Thanks to this closed box design, external effect lights can not reach into the device. For this reason, you will always get the same quality of light and you will get quality pictures. P>

What product photos can I take?

You can remove any product that can fit into the cabinet. Even in the toughest products, he has passed the performance tests successfully. For jewelry products that require shine, such as jewelry, you can also make professional shots in products that require stable shine, such as patent leather shoes. F32 Plus Stainless, gold, leather, silver, spare parts, plastic, fabric, tulle, feather etc. P>

Do You Know That?

The Archaeological Department of the University of Dicle is taking photographs of the historical artifacts taken with the Fotobox Pro F32 Plus.

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