Accessory Product Photo Shoot

Watches, glasses, sunglasses, bracelets because of the number and variety of such products are exposed too often photographed and we call processing retoucher. Fotobox Pro With these accessories can be photographed with the F31 homogeneous white background glasses and clocks in glass, prevents the reflection of metal details, clean and provides products calls forth images.

Cosmetics Photo Shoot

Without using the flash shooting pictures of cosmetics, white and homogenous quality with endless fund system, glare can capture product photography. How is a Fotobox Pro Cosmetics photo? For this, a mid-range camera, tripod and Fotobox Pro F31 is enough. Perfume, foundation, nail polish, you search your entire photo shoot cosmetics such as deodorant, you […]

Parts Photo Shoot

Fotoboxpro beginning of the production comes to facilitate photographing the purpose of spare parts and industrial products. When spare parts and industrial products and almost all very detailed and reflections on normal ground because it has suitable soil and in daylight photo shoot done, dirty, that environmental factors yansıdg and details of the missing results […]

Ring Photo Shoot

Fotobox Pro F49 Plusand mid-range camera using all the gold, silver and diamond ring of your photo shots yapabilirsiniz.ür photographed in may occur due to the surface wherethe owner of the important parts of the ring to prevent external reflection and rings isreflected in the photograph of the grandeur of the stone portion of the […]

Product Photos How Removed ?

There are rules to be essential for a quality product photography. The main ones; Shooting Conditions Required for Professional Products Photo shoots must be provided in a homogeneous environment any object or reflection of light that can be seen around the product should not be a bad influence. For example, a yellow light burning everything […]

Product Photo Shoot

Today, product photography trade an indispensable part of life. The quality of the products and inevitably presented to consumers in a genuine way. But what I was photographing the leading high-cost production. producers have established their own professional Par flashes in the past few years, funds were performing the shooting softbox systems. One reason is […]

Product Shot

Product photography is one of the easiest methods for product shots boxes. F49 and F49 Plus models with Fotobox Pro, self-homogenous white LED illuminated interior design thanks to the high quality products you can take photos. Dismantled with features and can be sent to anywhere in the world Fotobox Pro can capture an image in the […]

Lightbox Photo Shoot

Fotobox Pro light shooting with Fotobox box, you may have the easiest route to the most successful photo. Classic product shots of the tents are designed to last much longer. Fotobox Pro; anti-glare LED lighting system, stable background, homogenous and complete with a photo studio dismantled design features. Fotobox Pro with 100% white background and […]

Nikon D90 – D7000 Fotobox Pro General Settings

Food Products Photo Shoot

Fotobox Pro için tavsiye edilen ayar bütün fotoğraf makinelerinde bulunan S modu “Shutter Öncelikli” moddur. Bu mod ile makinenin ışığa olan duyarlılığını çekeceğiniz ürüne göre kendiniz verebilirsiniz. Diğer tüm Focus ve Pozlama ayarlarını (Autofocus açık ise) makine otomatik yapacaktır. Kısaca fotoğraf makinesine ne kadar ışığı baz alması gerektiğini giriyoruz. Bu çekim modunda tripod (ayaklık) kullanmak şarttır. […]

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